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Bikini Top Styles

Best Bikini Tops


Bikini tops come in a variety of styles and cuts. While some are skimpy, others offer more coverage and support. Check out these popular bikini top styles and choose the right one for you.

Classic Bikini Top

Kenneth Cole New York Animal Print Bikini Top
Image credit: Macy's
This bikini top is cut like a traditional bra. This swimsuit top features straps that go over the shoulders and connect to a band that goes across the back. The cups are often padded with underwire support. This classic bikini top features over-the-shoulder straps and push-up padding that will boost you a cup size. Priced at $71 at Macys.com, this Kenneth Cole New York bikini top comes in traditional bra sizes.

Any body type can wear a classic bikini, but this swimsuit is particularly flattering for curvy figures. If you happen to have broad shoulders and narrow hips, you can wear a classic bikini top too -- but partner it with ruffled bottoms to help balance out your figure.

String Bikini Top

Becca Crochet Triangle Bikini Top
Image credit: Nordstrom
The string bikini is a little more skimpy than the classic bikini. It consists of two triangles of fabrics that are connected with string. One string goes through the bottom of each triangle and ties in the back to create the bikini band. The other strings extend from the top of each triangle and tie behind the neck. The Becca crochet triangle bikini top is a string bikini top with a Bohemian flavor. This bikini top is priced at $44 at Nordstrom.

The string bikini doesn't leave much room for the imagination. It looks best on thin figures that aren't too big (or too small breasted).

Halter Bikini Top

Lucky Brand Halter Bikini Top
Image credit: Nordstrom
The halter bikini top ties behind the neck. It usually has a plunging neckline and is the perfect choice for emphasizing the breasts. Pretty ruffles accented this tie-dye halter bikini top. This Lucky Brand Swimwear 'Caribbean Crush' bikini top is available at Nordstrom for $68.

The halter top works well for hourglass figures who want to flaunt their curves, as well as anyone else who wants to put the emphasis on their cleavage.

Bandeau Bikini Top

Tommy Bahama Bandeau Bikini Top
Image credit: Nordstrom
The bandeau bikini top is a little bit retro. This strapless style top is one piece of fabric that is stretched straight across your chest. Oftentimes, it is gathered or twisted in the middle. The bandeau top can minimize the look of a big bust. Get into prints with the colorful Tommy Bahama 'Fiori di Mare' bandeau bikini top. This adorable bikini top is priced at $89 at Nordstrom.

The bandeau works with any body type. If your figure is more straight than curvy, pick a bandeau top that is cinched in the middle rather than one that is straight across.

Tankini Top

Coco Reef Tankini Top
Image credit: Macy's
If you want a two-piece swimsuit but you need a little extra coverage in your mid-section, turn to a tankini. A tankini top is like a fitted tank top and is partnered with bikini bottoms or boy shorts. The tankini has grown in popularity tremendously in the past five years or so. Tankini tops sometimes have a built-in panel to slim the waistline and stomach area. For a girly girl look, you can't beat this polka dot tankini top. This Coco Reef scoop neck tankini is available right now at Macys.com for $74.

The tankini was a great invention for all of us who want the convenience of buying tops and bottoms separately, but don't want to slip into a skimpy bikini. The tankini style is a favorite among everyone from teens to moms to mature women.

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